Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my vehicle in South Dakota?

The helpful staff at the Lawrence County Treasurer’s Office are available M-F 8am-5pm. 605-578-1862. You don’t have to be in South Dakota, and can get the process started right over the phone. Remember, South Dakota does not require vehicle inspections!

Is there anything else I can use my new address through SDRC for?

South Dakota can become your new state of residence and where you can now register to vote, license and register your vehicle. The state of South Dakota will be considered your new tax domicile (no state income tax in South Dakota!).

Can my business use my new SDRC mailbox?

Yes. We will help you complete this process, which is the initial step in bringing your company to South Dakota.

I hear South Dakota has the best trust laws in this country. How can I get started with estate planning?

We would agree with this assessment. Using your new address is a great start to domesticate your estate plan in South Dakota. We will refer you to one of the best law offices in South Dakota to assist with the process https://gpna.com/. Our attorney, Pat Goetzinger located in Rapid City, SD will be happy to help.

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